Introduction to Heraldry

This is a course of ten meetings duration of two hours each meeting.
Heraldry was an ancient means of identifying compatriots in battle and it developed into a status symbol for leading families in medieval and middle-age times. It is still in use today by government, local authorities, companies and descendants of historic families. Heraldic symbols today must be registered with the Royal College of Arms, although anyone may create a coat of arms for the family, but unless registered it will not be formally acknowledged.
Heraldic Arms are based on warrior shields used in the 12th to 16th centuries with varies colours and symbols added to the surface which are called “achievements”. It is the recognition of these which identifies the “bearer” whether it be a family, business or government organisation.
Heraldry is very much a living activity and is virtually as important today to the “bearer” as it was in medieval times, although the significance has very much changed eg. a public company for commercial recognition, or a local authority for administrative authority.
All talks are fully illustrated using a projector and a colourful booklet written by the convenor is available.
Fortnightly starting 23rd October at Calverton Village Hall (2.00pm until 4.00pm).
Group Convenor: Freddie Davies
Tel: 0115 9204239