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Dear Friends

Where has the past year gone?

Since writing for the magazines last September, the months have simply flown by and not only that, I realize that the seasons are changing too as we think about Autumn and celebrating Harvest here across the churches and in our local communities.

Anniversaries are good times to reflect and it is great to mark a year in post with lots of good and positive reflections. I have so enjoyed my first year here and have been made to feel very welcome and have met so many different people. 

I have shared many joyful occasions with people as well as some rather sadder – there have been church anniversaries, funerals, fetes, weddings, lunches, parties and baptisms.  There have been occasions involving silence, solitude and reflection and there have been lively, joy filled noisier services. There have been community events and individual meetings, and I have been welcomed into many, people’s homes. Despite some challenges, this has been a good year.

But a one year, anniversary causing me to look back over twelve months, also causes me to look ahead and wonder what next?

I hope I came here to our benefice with an open mind, keen to listen and hear what has gone before, to understand and to get to know who is who and what is what. I hope I will always keep that open mind, eyes and ears, but at the same time, I think as we move into the autumn we ought to be asking ourselves what next. Where is God leading us as a church as part of a wider community? I don’t know the answer yet, but I am keen to start asking the question.

I am sure that part of it, as it is for most organisations, is to build on that which is already good. We are a positive and welcoming church. Let’s do more of that. We see people in church who have been here for many, many years and those who are new or even passing through. Let’s always keep both in mind. But at the same time, let us commit to bravely take steps into the unknown at times and try new things.

Throughout the Bible, especially the Old Testament, and in many of our beloved hymns, we read and are reminded of the unchanging nature of God. His love and faithfulness are constant and steadfast. His nature and his commitment to humanity are unwavering. And yet, the prophet Isaiah wrote the following words:

See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19

This was written many centuries ago to a people far from here and different to us, but let’s ask ourselves the same question. What is the new thing God will do? What are the ways that need to be found in wilderness places, what do those streams in wasteland look like in 21st century in our communities?  What do we notice springing up around us and how do we respond?

As we move into the autumn, let us continue to celebrate the unchanging, constant, steadfast love of God, let’s build on all which is already good in the life of our church and community, but let’s also keep our eyes and ears and minds and hearts open to the new thing that God might be doing with us.

All good gifts around us
are sent from heaven above;
then, thank the Lord, O thank the Lord,
for all his love for all his love.

With love and Every Blessing


Parishes of Woodborough, Epperstone, Oxton & Gonalston

Church Services in September

2nd September

8.00a.m Holy Communion (W’b)

10.00a.m. Family Service

11.00a.m. Holy Communion (Gon)

9th September

9.30a.m Holy Communion (W’b)

9.30a.m Holy Communion (Ep)

11.00a.m. Holy Communion (Ox)

16th September

9.30a.m.Holy Communion (W’b)

4.00p.m Harvest Festival (Gon)

6.00p.m. Prayer & Reflection (Ox)

23rd September

9.30a.m.Morning Prayer (W’b)

9.30a.m. Family Service (Ep)

11.00a.m. Harvest Festival (Ox)

26th September

12.30p.m Mid-week Holy Communion & Bring & Share lunch (W’b)

30th September

10.30a.m Rural Churches Together Harvest Festival (Lowdham)


Church Happenings in September

 Sunday 2nd September

10.00a.m Sunday Club, Oxton village hall

Wednesday 5th September

10.00a.m. Coffee Drop In, St. Swithun’s

7.30p.m Julian Meeting, St. Swithun’s

Tuesday, 11th September

12 noon Church Fellowship outing to Colwick Hall

Wednesday 12th September

9.30a.m. Play Church, St. Swithun’s

Friday, 14th September

2.00p.m Scramblers, St. Peter & St. Paul’s, Ox

Wednesday 19th September

7.30p.m Julian Meeting, St. Swithun’s

Wednesday 26th September

9.30a.m. Play Church, St. Swithun’s