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Woodborough Parish Council

The most recent minutes available from parish council meetings are shown below. Please note that the delay between meetings and publishing of minutes is due to the requirement to approve them at the following council meeting.

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 10th July 2018 at 7pm The Village Hall, Lingwood Lane, Woodborough, Nottingham

PRESENT: Cllr Andrew Gough (Chairman), Cllr Margaret Briggs, Cllr John Charles-Jones, Cllr Patrick Smith, Cllr Colin Starke, Cllr Jan Turton, Cllr Charles Wardle, Cllr Pat Woodfield.
IN ATTENDANCE: Averil Marczak (Clerk), Cllr Boyd Elliott (NCC, part).
Apologies were noted from Cllr Paul Berrisford, Cllr John Boot, Cllr Jane Stone and GBC Cllr Helen Greensmith.
As registered.
The minutes of the meeting held on 12th June were approved.
The Clerk would circulate details for members to access support in setting up WPC email addresses on their devices, with a view to switching over following September’s meeting.
The Chairman reported that the tree planted in the Governors’ Field to commemorate the anniversary of the end of World War I had been snapped at the trunk and its branches wedged in the Heras fencing. There had also been several attempts to break into the fenced area. After some considerable debate it was agreed that the Governors’ Field should be locked between 9pm and 8am on July 11th and July 15th (World Cup fixture days), and to consider routine locking of the park should vandalism persist.
The Deputy Chief Executive to GBC had confirmed that a new Smalls Croft sign was in the depot and awaiting installation.
Following several conversations and various items of correspondence, Revd Giles and the PCC had agreed that the Silent Soldier could be displayed at the War Memorial from July 25th. An assembly had been arranged at the Woods School for July 24th to prepare the children for its arrival. It was agreed that Cllrs Briggs and Turton should accept Revd Giles’ invitation for members of WPC to attend. A resident had offered to pay for the Silent Soldier but it was agreed to politely decline the generous offer.
It was agreed that the following items must be resolved before the final payment was made to HAGS: the roundabout (despite further recent attention by HAGS’ contractor) did not turn freely; the end of the path was loose and sandy; the small area of mulch that was lifting needed replacement; the grass mats around the trampoline and tunnel were a trip hazard; the net shackle pins were insecure; the chain covers prevented inspection of the chains (notified by RoSPA). It was agreed to write to the Managing Director requiring action before the start of the school holidays.
At 8pm Cllr Elliott arrived.
Cllr Elliott summarised the status of a number of cases he was handling. He agreed to talk to a resident who had raised issues with WPC. Work at the Lowdham Lane junction would take place between July 16th and 18th. The hedge along Taylors’ Field had been cut. Cllr Elliott agreed to supply a Christmas tree for the Governors’ Field and to investigate the possibility of providing a novelty shaped bin to sit with the play equipment.
Cllr Elliott reported that NCC would consider a proposal by NCC Leader Cllr Kay Cutts to create a unitary authority for Nottinghamshire, which would mean the abolition of district authorities.
GBC’s Engineer had provided details of 2 contractors to quote for drainage works and their responses were awaited. It was agreed to schedule the switch on event, to be held in conjunction with the WCA, for Sunday 2nd December. It was noted that further lights would need to be purchased for use on the tree provided by Cllr Elliott. It was agreed that more than one quote should be obtained for the installation of the lights, following GBC’s communication that the cost would increase substantially this year.
The Clerk apologised for not having completed the collation of results from the consultation. This would be completed for the next meeting.
No objection to: PC ref 1034, GBC 2018/0545 for a first floor extension to create a 2 storey dwelling and pitched roof to existing garage and external alterations at Plemont, Private Rd; PC ref 1035, GBC 2018/0574 for a change of use from C3 residential to mixed use (provision of beauty and holistic therapy services) at 14 Pinfold Crescent; PC ref 1036, GBC 2018/0579 for a 3 room dormer extension above the integral garage at 20 Ash Grove; PC ref 1037, GBC 2018/0601TPO for a removal of 1 tree at Thorneywood Cottage, Foxwood Lane.
It was agreed to send a letter of complaint to the Deputy Chief Executive regarding GBC’s handling of 2017/1269.
The Inspector’s report on the examination of the Local Planning Document had been published and the plan had been accepted as sound. The plan was likely to be adopted at the next meeting of Gedling Borough Council on 18th July.
Cllr Berrisford had confirmed that the water heater supplying the away changing room was no longer working and had met with a second contractor to discuss potential solutions. It was noted that the heaters were 30 years old, and that removal of the water heater would entail a day’s work with no guarantee that a repair was possible. Both contractors had suggested removing the existing cylinders and installing an unvented cylinder to feed all of the showers. It was agreed in principle to upgrade the system and to consider 3 quotes at an extraordinary meeting to be called in August.
A request by the tennis club to install a larger noticeboard was approved.

GBC Planning Officer Lewis Widdowson had confirmed verbally that the proposed outside storage shed could be built under permitted development rights. The Emergency Planning Team had requested that the PC install racking in the emergency store and had identified a potential supplier. It was suggested that second hand racking be considered to minimise cost. Cllr Woodfield knew of a potential source and agreed to investigate.
The Clerk had received a notification that fire awareness training should be carried out again. It was agreed to check whether Preschool needed to renew and whether they would contribute to the cost. It was noted that there had been an accident at the hall and details had been recorded. RCAN’s newsletter had advised that new EU legislation outlawing certain types of light bulbs would render most existing stage lighting units obsolete and a petition was being organised to highlight the issue. A speculative enquiry had been received regarding a community screening of the World Cup final in the Village Hall (should England be involved) and it was agreed to ask for some more details.
The new owners of the field that had been the proposed site of an EA flood scheme had approached planning consultants with a view to potentially reviving the scheme/building a dwelling. Discussions were also being held with the EA. Further information was expected in the autumn.
The Methodist Church building had been valued and would be marketed for sale. A buyer intending to use the building for community use would be considered sympathetically although as a charity the Methodist Church would be obliged to achieve the best value for their asset. It was agreed to use the consultation results to assess whether there was demand for additional meeting space and to consider this at an extraordinary meeting in August.
Cllr Turton reported that Woodborough had progressed to the next stage of the competition. It was agreed to ask Gardenscape to remove elder growing through the rhododendrons in the church yard and the Governors’ Field, and to cut the small patch of grass near the entrance to Smalls Croft adjacent to the open dyke.
Details of Mark Spencer MP’s surgery on 15th September had been received. A request for the lengthsman to clear leaves had been received and had been declined, other than near the drains. A letter regarding flooding from the development at 147 Main Street had been received and it was agreed to ask GBC to confirm what had been agreed with the developer. A request regarding creating a new driveway for parking on Roe Hill had been received and NCC had provided details of costs, which would need to be met by residents. The following items were noted: RCAN’s “Halltalk”; GBC, various agendas and press releases.
There had been a burial of ashes in an existing family plot.
One plot remained vacant. One tenant was using CCTV and NALC had advised that this was not uncommon, and was acceptable providing that the camera was trained on the individual’s property only.
The Lengthsman’s report was reviewed. A planter from the bus shelter opposite the Four Bells had been vandalised.
The Clerk presented the financial statement and 17 payments, totalling £4,961.80 net, were approved for payment. Gross payments over £500: a payment to GBC for £563.40 was put on hold pending a satisfactory update on their playground inspections.
The Clerk presented a first quarter review of payments and receipts vs budget.
It was agreed to include the minutes and notices regarding vandalism in the Governors’ Field.
3497. AOB
Cllr Woodfield sought an update regarding the bench on Roe Hill. Cllr Charles-Jones confirmed that it was on his action list.
The date of the next ordinary PC meeting was confirmed as 11th September, with an extraordinary meeting to be arranged for August to consider the hot water supply for the pavilion and to consider whether the Parish Council should express an interest in purchasing the Methodist Church for community use (subject to a full evaluation of the potential costs and benefits).

The meeting finished at 10.05pm.

The next meeting of Woodborough Parish Council will take place at 7.00pm on September 11th in Woodborough Village Hall.


Tour of Britain 2018 Cycle Race
Saturday September 8th

The Tour of Britain will come through Woodborough on Saturday September 8th.

Featuring top international cyclists, this promises to be an exciting free event for spectators. A team of villagers will decorate the route as has become traditional, with a chance to win the Tour of Britain best dressed village!

Please do come out and support the race, which is expected to come through the village around midday. The event will be screened live on ITV4.

We also ask that you do not park on Main Street between 10.00am until around 1.00pm, or whenever the race has passed through the village. This request is made to help protect your vehicles as well as for the enjoyment of the event!

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